Investment Criteria

See if your business qualifies for help from the HIF 

Before we consider investing in a hotel or a hotel group, there are a number of conditions which the applicant must meet. They include: 
  • We will consider hotels in Republic of Ireland only. 
  • The minimum grade is three stars with 25 hotel bedrooms. 
  • The maximum HIF investment per hotel or group is €5m and the minimum is €500k. 
  • The hotel(s) must have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Positive cash flow generation before the pandemic. 
  • Investment to asset value and EBITDA criteria, based on pre-pandemic valuations and trading performance.
  • A viable recovery/business plan will need to be agreed with the HIF pre-investment, demonstrating the ability of the business to repay the funds at the end of the term.