A: The HIF fund was set up to provide funding to hotels that are trying to re-establish themselves following the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to help these businesses to get back on their feet and contribute to a vibrant, profitable Irish hospitality industry. By providing medium-term finance we can help them to recover to the point where they can access traditional sources of borrowing from banks and investors again.
A: The HIF provides financing to hotels under three categories:
  • Working capital and cash flow funding
  • Capital expenditure investment funding
  • Green and environmentally sustainable investment funding
A: The maximum investment per hotel or hotel group is €5m and the minimum is €500k.
A: The fund is designed to support hotels who were trading viably before the pandemic, have a viable recovery plan but require financial support in the meantime. See investment criteria.
A: We aim to complete the process from initial application to drawdown of funds in as speedy a timeframe as possible. 
A: The interest rates will be competitive, reflective of the nature of the unsecured investment and risk profile.
A: Hotels supported by the HIF will be monitored, on terms agreed at drawdown, during the Investment period. The HIF can grant up to two one-year extensions in certain circumstances against specific criteria. All of our investments will be subject to a legal and commercial agreement with the hotel owner, which will outline to the hotel owner the rights of the HIF in the event of default.